Nigar-e-Khas: Festive Chiffon Collection

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 Fashion's obsession with comfort is unending. Many themes have emerged as a result of the requirement across generations. While some trends die quickly, others repeat themselves every few years. A chiffon dress is one of those timeless masterpieces that has always been popular. It is popular among women for formal occasions and is cool to wear during the summer. The soft, breezy fabric is a perennial favorite among ladies of all ages.

Khas has introduced its opulent Nigar-e-Khas Chiffon Collection. It embodies elegance and style. Each artwork is one-of-a-kind and conveys an incredible tale. The airy, comfortable pieces are available in a variety of colors, styles, and cuts. We have whatever you can think of. Check out our online store to see the most distinctive Pakistani chiffon embroidered outfits. These Pakistani dresses are incredible and we are sure that you wouldn’t ignore them at all.


The extravagant dresses have the most beautiful embellishments and are ideal for wearing on special occasions. If you have a formal function coming up, choose one of these traditional embroidered outfits and you will be ready. Accessorize to complete the formal look. Several of these chiffon dresses have organza dupattas and appear really lovely. These traditional Pakistani dresses online available in USA.

We can’t forget or ignore our Pakistani luxury suits in chiffon fabric for any formal occasion. They're back, just like every season. Pakistani women adore this stunning blend of chiffon and organza. These elements create a very comfy outfit with a lot of grace. Not to mention how light and pleasant they are in the hot and humid months because we have added a comfortable inners inside these prêt wearing. Thus, if you have a solid or neutral-colored chiffon suit, mix and match it with embellished chiffon dupattas to create new outfits that will seem fresh and appealing. Explore our incredibly stunning collection of Nigar-e-Khas online.



You will be inundated with possibilities, so choose the best and incorporate them into your wardrobe. These classic mid yet light weighted embellished come in a variety of traditional designs, including geometric, abstract, floral, and striped themes. They are always fashionable and can be worn or combined with a variety of outfits. So go ahead and get these handy apparel things online in USA; it will be a worthwhile investment for you to have a true customary stylish ready-to-wear luxury chiffon dress in your wardrobe for upcoming Eid Festive in a state where you can present yourself as a Pakistani KHAS person.


Do you know that the designer chiffon dresses collection Nigar-e-Khas has an extra value of being suitable for any occasion. It is a flexible addition to your outfit. Wearing an embroidered chiffon dress to any official dinner, function would not look out of place, and you can also wear it to a formal occasion like going to attend a friend circle wedding party.

Wearing the colorful, lightweight fabric feels pleasant at any time of day or night. But, if the occasion calls for a little more lavish attire, then go ahead and indulge in some fancy prêt dressing. We recommend that you look through our elegant Nigar-e-Khas chiffon collection, which include plenty of fashion-forward party wear and dress to kill. Each piece has been meticulously crafted, and the effect is breathtaking. You may always dress up the look with some statement jewelry that complements your attire of the day.

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  • Posted on by Esther Kinuthia

    Hello my friends,
    It’s an honor to be asked to comment about Khas Clothing design. The clothes are so beautiful in design and tailoring. The fabric is unique in wearing and maintaining. The embroidery and the added accessories makes Khas stand out. I have been wearing such attires for the longest but Khas clothing is much more comfortable and unique in all aspects. They take time in their selection of what goes with what. Thank you Khas for making clothes that stand out. I have shared with so many people your website, I do get complimentary feedback and complaints about your sizes as you know Americans are known to be big. Kindly consider going up in size to accommodate more clients. Again kindly start leaving an inch more on bust area cause a lot of Western customers are gifted in bigger breast sizes. Otherwise keep doing what you’re passionate about because you’re making us proud in stepping out in styles. Thanks for not including polyester in your fabric. Please don’t ever compromise. 100 percent Cotton is still loved by so many people. And also the silk and shifon materials. Thanks once again. Iam one of your proudest customers and Misha can always testify for me. Iam always telling her or sharing with her my photos.
    Yours loving customer,
    Esther Kinuthia

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