Winter has always been such an amazing retro and during this time we love to experience many types of warm fabrics. Winter is known as an enjoyable season not only in Pakistan but around the world except in those areas where the temperature goes in minus degrees. But it doesn't mean that people don’t like to enjoy the cool and breezy moments; this enjoyment reaches its peak when you wear sheer and cozy clothes from the latest collection of the winter of your favorite brand and become a more admirable personality. By wearing your desired article, sitting close to the fire, and having dry fruits, just an impressive image of the winter season.

Our fashion designer team at KHAS is always ready to relish you every season by introducing the seasonal and stylish fabric collection with classic styles that are the perfect depiction of Paki’s tradition and you can wear. Now even in western society, people like to wear Pakistani dresses so that they may look different and experience this Asian culture.


KHAS has now become the fashion leading brand that allows enjoying the pleasure of this adventurous season too like the other three seasons. This year, with the start of the winter season KHAS team has gallantly completed its task to bring some modish, comfy, and delicate outfits to the KARANDI collection. In which each single dress will surely an exemplary style for your closet. So come with us and visit the glossary of this section.

SUIT KRK-039, digital print in basic plum color paired with gold borderline that is beautifully crafted in Shalwar Kameez style, is undoubtedly a trendsetting outfit. The white floral pattern on the shirt and shawl is giving it a mesmerizing look.



The deep dark hues of brown in square pattern-based print embellished with a flower design on SUIT KRK-035 is simply elegant and an artistic piece of craftsmanship. This RTW (Ready To Wear) in comfiest texture gives you a warm feel in this season. Its modern cuts style on shirt border and detailed printing pattern on dupatta equip you with style to lead and empower.

During the discussion about the KARANDI collection of 2021, how can we forget to talk about the KRK-034 outfit? Working women dress that we at KHAS are offering to you for wearing and to go out about your day’s business. Basic off-white creamy color has been balanced with the contrasting shades of orange and blue in printing. The geometric pattern on the shirt and dupatta borders reminds us of Mughal art. It is such a masterpiece in its self that you would never like to ignore it.

KHAS is now offering you its exclusive collection of KARANDI in pret with ranging sizes at very reasonable prices so that you may easily buy them in the USA too. Because we want to make KHAS an essential part of your life’s journey.

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