KHAS’s name has been now very well known among top fashion brands. Its textile line has filled with various varieties for the need of the hour. Either you are finding something different for your bedroom set or your outfits for every season; everything can be found under the umbrella of this name.

When we talk about winter clothing it means your closet collection is incomplete without the addition of beautiful shawls for every occasion that gives you a different inspirational look. Shawls are the most likable clothing article in winters. Now in the market, it's available in different sizes. KHAS is giving you a wider range of varieties in shawls of different sizes. You can get according to your choice from small to medium or full-size shawls to complete your wardrobe drawer with an amazing shawls collection.

Our designer team has tried to bring a mesmerizing collection for you that is stylish, warm, and works great for indoor, as well as outdoor wear. Not only in Pakistan, but now you can also avail them in the USA for using them with Pakistani dresses or on western wear top. These shawls are sourced from several materials like wool, cashmere, pashmina, as well as others. Their detailed are work of floral and geometric prints and embroidery uplift their beauty and make them attractive for every age of women to purchase. Would you like to take a short visit to this part? So let’s come with us.

PRINTED CASHMERE SHAWL ATS-011, an artisan piece of this collection with a combination of chic shades. Gold, semi, and dark blue shade remind us of the history of Mughal art. Its borderline has beautifully described the story of a queen’s empire. You wouldn’t go without adding it to your cart.

One of the finest fabrics which are preferably used by all brands in the winter shawls making process is none other but Pashmina. Due to its premium quality stricter, these shawls are loved by women of all age groups and preferred in all shades.

The sophistication of a woman comes to end on DOUBLE SIDED PASHMINA WOOL SHAWL IHC-R-01-07. Soft light creamy shade border with plain blue base is a perfect choice to wear on a dark shadow Shalwar Kameez especially on black or with jeans & top. This double-sided wool shawl keeps you warm in cool weather.

You will surely find a hand-embroidery shawl inside a woman’s wardrobe.  The delicacy of hand-embroidered pashmina shawls has been included by KHAS with the addition of EMBROIDERED PASHMINA SHAWL IHC-R-01-13 GREY. It's fine and elegant brown shade thread embroidery on grey color base reminds the Kashmir style.

CASHMERE shawls are included with a fancy style of IHC-R-01-24 MAROON. The floral print of ATS-004 with the yellow and green tone depicts the spring season and a feel of floral fragrance around you.

Whenever you go outside to attend a family get-to-gather or office meeting, your preferred choice will be CASUAL CASHMERE WOOL SHAWL IHC-R-01-22 BLUE. Its all-over block pattern design is enough to describe your personality and your choice.

That was a little intro to KHAS's winter shawls collection. So visit our e-store and now get them in the USA at your doorstep without any hassle and enjoy your winter season stylishly.

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